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12 Reading Strategies Practised in Book B


Finding Main Idea

recalling Facts and Details

Understanding Sequence

Recognising Cause and Effect

Comparing and Contrasting

Making Predicitions

Finding Word Meaning in Context

Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences

Distinguishing Between Fact and Opinionj

Identifying Author's Purpose

Interpreting Figurative language

Distinguishing Between Real and Make-believe



These new, updated editions expand on the research-proven success of the earlier series to make boosting your students' reading comprehension with targeted instruction in the core strategies even easier. If you've used CARS and STARS before you'll notice updated versions of familiar stories and some new additions in each series. Stories have been carefully selected and reformulated to more specifically tailor them to each specific level of the program.


Each STARS Plus Student Book contains strategy lessons, one lesson for each reading strategy. Each lesson provides instruction and practice in the targeted reading strategy. Students read several passages and answer strategy-based selected-response (multiple-choice) questions.


The strategy lessons are scaffolded, providing a gradual release of support. Each lesson moves from modelled instruction to guided instruction to modelled practice to guided practice to independent practice. A review lesson follows every two strategy lessons. A four-part final review lesson gives a review of the entire book.

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