Discovering Geography - Upper Primary: Pack

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Discovering Geography Upper Primary Pack contains:

The Discovering Geography Upper Primary Teachers Resource Book

Topic Starter Picture Cards

4 Comic Fiction Topic Books

4 Non fiction Topic Books

People and Their Environments

How do people choose a place to live? How do they live in their environment? How do they adapt to it? What impact do they have on it? Read this book to understand all about environments and what you can do to protect your environment for the future. Key concepts:Environment, Change and Sustainability. AC Content Descriptions:The influence of people, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, on the environmental characteristics of Australian places.The influence of the environment on the human characteristics of a place.

Australia and Other Continents

What are continents? Where are they and which communities live there? In this book, explore North America and Europe and where they are in relation to Australia. Read about different communities and explore how people have had an effect on their environments. Key concepts: Place, Space and Environment. AC Content Descriptions: The location of the major countries of Europe and North America in relation to Australia and the influence of people on the environmental characteristics of places in at least two countries from both continents.

Economy, Demography and Society

What is it like to live in other countries like Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Germany or Brazil? How does life in these countries compare to life in Australia? Investigate different countries and societies to understand how we all have a part to play in our global village. Key concepts: Space, Scale and Interconnection. AC Content Descriptions: Differences in the economic, demographic and social characteristics between countries across the world.


What are connections? How do we create and build them? In this book, you will explore connections between Australia and the rest of the world and find out how connections can play an important role in your everyday life. Key concepts: Interconnections and Change. AC Content Descriptions:Significant events that connect people and places throughout the world.The various connections that Australia has with other countries, and how these connections change people and places.The effect that people’s connections with and proximity to places throughout the world, have on shaping their awareness and opinion of those places.

Culture Collectors

Steven’s grandfather has collected a lot of artefacts over the years. One in particular catches the attention of Steven, Lily, Max and Amelia. What new adventures are they about to start? Who will they meet along the way? Key concepts: Change, Environment and Place. AC Content Descriptions: The world’s cultural diversity, including that of its indigenous peoples.

The Legend of the Great Wall

Darwin and Sasha are really excited about going to China on their school trip. Ben … not so much! Where will they go? Who will they meet? And what is the ‘legend of the Great Wall’? Key concepts: Place and Interconnections. AC Content Descriptions: The location of the major countries of the Asia region and the geographical diversity within the region.

 Lost in Time

Key concepts: Change over time, EnvironmentAC Content Descriptions: The influence people have on the human characteristics of places and the management of spaces within them. 


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